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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Federal Reserve Bank

To: Office of the Director
RE: Building Security
Date: 06/05/13

The SeTec Associates analysis of the security of your building was aborted because our operative discovered a robbery in progress at the scene. He was only able to complete a partial test of the security systems and our analysis of those areas tested is included.

Our operative was able to gain entrance into the building via an underground access portal used, apparently, as an electronics junction. The only security the portal had was a large and somewhat simplistic padlock. We would recommend replacing that with a magnetic deadbolt built onto the interior side of the portal and controlled vis remote operation, or by concealed RF ID sensor.

Once inside our operative then noticed the cabling junction for your Westron Security system. It was readily visible both in normal light and using IR goggles. It is recommended that the junction be concealed and shielded. It was observed that this junction stopped operation as the operative examined it. At this point the operative began to be suspicious.

At the end of the access tunnel there is a small vertical conduit leading up to the basement machine room. While this conduit is quite small it was fairly easy to climb upwards. The conduit either needs to be replaced with a smaller diameter or sealed over. On a highly positive note, the existence of a concealed camera at the end of tunnel/conduit junction was quite a surprise and nicely placed. This camera, too, was inoperative, and the decision was made to continue onwards to investigate the apparent security fault.

After scaling the conduit, our operative was able to kick through an access panel in the wall into the building's machine room. Upon entering the machine room, it was observed that the entire security panel for the building was out. Our operative immediately made his way to ground floor and then to the security office. At the security office he confronted a guard who had apparently disabled the system to allow a thief (a mutant by the name of "Toad") to enter the building and thence the vault. Two other guards were see to be knocked out on the floor of the security office.

Completely on his own, our security analyst succeeded in incapacitating the malefactor "Toad" and restraining the guard who apparently was in collusion with Toad. Upon rebooting the security computers, the building alarms sounded and the authorities arrived, taking charge of all in the building. Our operative described his assignment as a security analyst to the police, his activities in detail, and the capture of the two desperadoes.

We highly recommend that the Federal Reserve Bank take a serious look at those companies contracted to provide security to the building. While it is not known exactly how Toad was able to completely shut down the security system it stands to reason that all personnel security related policies be reviewed and tightened. It would appear from our brief test that your physical security, while vulnerable from the inside, would present considerable challenges to an intrusion from the outside.

We thank you for contacting SeTec Associates and for your business. Should you decide to further analyze or test your security systems please don't hesitate to call on us.

Jurgen von Dietz
Security Technologies Associates

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